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Web Debvelopment and Intranet Services

Web Development Group provides custom web design and programming to satisfy your everyday business necessities. We will suggest and build a computer to further your PC computing specifications. Contact us for free estimates on our services

01. Web Application Development

We help identify and build custom solutions for your unique marketing and sales needs.

02. Custom site design

Any kind of joomla/HTML/CSS/JS work. Or custom webdesign services

03. Web Programming

Our services go beyond design and programming. The Graphically Speaking programming team will assess your hosting requirements and recommend a company that best suits your needs. We don't receive third party commissions, so you can trust that we always have your best interest in mind.

04. Multimedia CD

An interactive multimedia CD engages and involves your business associates like never before, creating the strongest possible impression of your product's value. A Business Card CD-ROM is an ideal solution for trade show hand-outs, direct mailings or face-to-face contact.

05. SEO Solutions & Site Ranking

Our SEO Experts give best solutions on Web Site Promotion - Ranking, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & SEM (Search Engine Marketing) for top search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN / Bing, .... Top Web Ranking, Website Advertising,Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Services.

06. Online Database

WDG Database delivers database functionality similar to what is found in relational database management systems (RDBMSes) such as SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle. Being cloud-based,

07. E-commerce

If you need a completely customizable online store, Magento has your back. As an open-source e-commerce Website, WDGCo. lets you tailor-make any aspect of your e-commerce website, giving you an online store that looks, feels and works exactly the way you want it to.

08. Building Intranet & Extranet

IT solutions and managed services provider with a breadth of knowledge and expertise in communications and collaboration; data centre and cloud services; and managed services.

09. Consulting

IT consulting expertise to make your IT transformation a success,Our expert IT consultants and trainers use proven methodologies to help you optimize costs, reduce risk, and see a faster return on your IT investments.

10. Domain Registration & Web Hosting

Your Perfect Domain(.ir,.com,.net,.........) The highest security for your web projects! SAFEST OF THE SAFE! Professional features for web developers Take advantage of WDG's expert support- 24/7, we have the answers to your questions.

we also ensure that you are as high as possible on Google with included search engine optimisation (SEO).

Our team of web developers and web designers offer the full package. This includes everything from:

  • Setting up your domain name (e.g. “ /.ir”)
  • Hosting your website on our own servers
  • Designing the website you’ve been looking for
  • Developing a web-approved interactive and easily updatable Content Managed website; to integrating social media
  • Monitoring hits and users through Google Analytics
If you are looking for a web developer, or website designer then the first step is to give us a call (+98-21-88870878), an email ( If you think you know exactly what you want then you can skip all those steps and Get a Quote.
All of our details can be found by going to our contact page.

In the meantime, check out some of the website development projects we have already completed, see the web designers and web developers that work here, or get a more in depth look at what we can do for you. skills in Online Web Application, e-commerce, information architecture, Web design, Graphic design, database management systems, Knowledge Management, auctions and exchansges, and systems integration, we can provide you with everything from strategy consulting through development and ongoing maintenance.


We serve All Industries

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